The Uniqueness of the bangle program had to be routed in creating a link between the individual and the contribution. This we have achieved with great success by individually serialising each bangle and providing a registration process that links the individual to the contribution that individual made. This is for all to see on the website and published on the “Show of Hands” web page, a first for any charity based item.

So who are the local skills and craftsmen? Well, we all see the carvings and African art sold on the side of the road as curios. These are real craftsmen with incredible skill even though most of them have no education and are forced to live in less-than favorable conditions with each family having been significantly impacted by HIV AIDS.

Now take those less fortunate people and give them an opportunity to be part of the process of creating the bangle while giving them an opportunity to generate a sustainable income weekly. Imagine giving them a real growth opportunity where they will gain access to the precious metals and find ways to incorporate this into their ethnic designs and crafting to lift the value of each curio created.

Couple this to a support program where we can structure a formal small to micro enterprise business with the required guidance and accounting structure to bring them into the formal economy.

46664 Bangle Potential Story

Take that starting point and give them access to a worldwide distribution network of the bangles and you give them access to a global curios market that very few could even dream of.

The South African initiative would have the ability to promote additional products in the arts such as curios, paintings and African traditional jewellery, which we hope would lead to an entire industry in the export area.

The ability to use the manufacturing process to teach and skill up the informal arts sector (many road side vendors have exceptional crafting skill with no formal education) who will be used in the process, while providing employment and skills development is significant added bonus.

46664 Bangle manufacturing process

It is envisioned that a one year internship will be served under guidance in the hand crafted finishing process of these bangles. These qualifying students will then be encouraged to set up the small to micro businesses focusing on traditional jewellery, which can be sold worldwide via the 46664 sales network created for the bangle sales.

During the Manufacturing process the up-liftment and skills as well as business support is a significant win for all but does require the absolute focus on the success of the bangle first as the means to support the program. The bangles will however form the foundation of a future “African curios and jewellery” industry we see.

Imagine walking down 5th avenue New York and seeing a piece of African jewellery in one of the top elite stores….. That would be our aim!

Then imagine all the top stores from Italy to Shanghai wanting that same piece….. and to think that only 24 months ago the person who made it was selling his wood carvings on the side of the road in downtown Johannesburg, it’s possible!! You only have to dream and then DO.